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Creative Digital Project Manager

Ecommerce Store

Best Choice Products is an e-commerce company that is dedicated to providing quality, low-priced home, fitness, children, and garden products. 




  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Lightroom

  • After Effects

  • Jira

  • Klaviyo

  • Amazon Seller Central

  • Shopify


  • Graphic Designers

  • Copy Writers

  • Marketing Team

  • Photographers

  • Product Managers

  • Product Sourcers

  • Oversea Vendors


One of my primary responsibilities was to take photos of products and manipulate the images to make the product look more presentable from something as simple as just photoshopping the product onto a background. The company is not the only one selling the product. How can you convince the customers to buy your product? Make yours look more appealing beyond price.

I photographed an ottoman and photo manipulated it to be inside of a living room with pillows and a towel inside. The work was featured in a Buzzfeed article, "Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now."

social media.

With the advent of social media, small businesses are available to market to a wider demographic. For sales and new product releases, I would create unique and, at times, animated advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

Columbus Day



I would periodically make updates and maintain the company website,


I would shoot video of demand products to give potential customers a POV and instructional view of the product they are interested in use. The video would be edited in-house and we would hire freelancers and actors to do voice-overs and show off the product.


Since the company ordered products overseas, the product would come with instructions that were in a different language or no instructions at all. I would create instructions by taking pictures as I built the product. And, I would do the copy of how to build the product step by step.


(Click on Images Below to See Product Instruction Manuals)

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