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DomoINK was founded on simple idea: finding Black art shouldn’t be a hassle. With product expansion, DomoINK fills the gap of women and men of color struggling to find decor, apparel, and gift options reflective of them. Excluded communities should not have to wait until Black History Month to shop at retailers for pieces in their style. DomoINK is here to be the one-stop-shop to inspire people to create spaces that represent them authentically. 

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DomoINK, founded in 2020, was born out of my struggle to find art that represented people of color for my first home. I started creating black art prints for my own space, which quickly gained popularity among close peers and across social media.


During the tumultuous times of 2020, DomoINK became a symbol of hope and unity as Domonique created beautiful art pieces showcasing the beauty of black women, men, and children.

As support for Black-owned brands grew, so did DomoINK's demand for their authentic products. Today, DomoINK is more than a brand, it's a movement offering art prints, decor, apparel, and gifts that celebrate individuality and bring soul to one's home and lifestyle.




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