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DomoINK is here to provide a permanent space for women and men of color who are seeking products “made for them, by them.” 


The shop is centered around black art, however, it is a place for everyone to discover and experience. There is room for everyone to find something they like and wish to purchase for their home.

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humble beginnings.

When DomoINK first started, it was just a small shop on Etsy where I sold earrings and pins. Eventually, I decided to just put my art out there. I removed the accessories and started selling my art pieces.

To bring awareness to the brand, I would vend at multiple festivals across Southern California to build a fan base and get DomoINK into more spaces.

elevator pitch.

“Has this ever happened to you? You’re out shopping trying to find art that represents or looks like you. And then, you realize that there is not much diversity when it comes to artwork in stores. This happens all the time to women and men of color. Stores are missing a place where black art is showcased year-round. The mission is to change the industry to have more art and decor for women and men of color.


Every corner of your home and life should be a reflection of you. DomoINK offers you the opportunity to amplify with unique products and art that speaks to you.”

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