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Forbes Store, a digital-destination for branded products, apparel and more. With its core franchises such as Under 30, ForbesWomen, For(bes) The Culture and more, the Forbes core collection of branded merchandise will provide branded items to Forbes’ loyal communities worldwide.

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Forbes is excited to announce the launch of our first-ever PowerWomen Collection Featuring apparel and accessories, the female-designed collection celebrates the extraordinary influence women like you now wield to pay our power forward for a more equitable future.


Designed by women and for women, Forbes' Power Women Collection is here. Whether you're a creator, mother, artist, sister, executive, caretaker, leader, or just want to celebrate the leading lady in your life, let's salute each of these powerful women and their role in society with our newest products.


Featuring branded apparel, totes, and accessories, the collection I collaborated with Forbes to come up with terms and designs to use.

The final decision by Forbes was to simply have text on apparel.


 The team behind the Forbes Store is working with several designers on future projects that will be released at a later date, including DomoINK. 

other projects.

The team at Forbes collaborated with me to do other projects including creating concept designs for their "30 under 30" line and banners for Forbes "Vetted." 

proposed looks.

For the collaboration, I was tasked with mocking up different products to be used for the Forbes store. Below are some of the ideas I proposed.