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in the paint.

In partnership with the Lakers, this competitive art program was instituted by a panel of three judges, who selected me to receive a $10k grant to support my career development in 2021.

For 2023-2024, I was selected to be a contributing artist.

tv spots.



I replied to a tweet from @MrBeast on Twitter to win the prize of him purchasing a "bunch" of items from my shop, I won with my entry that stated "Art and decor that celebrates diversity."

Mr. Beast.png
Art Prints 2222.jpg



My shop, DomoINK, was featured on Instagram's @shop page along with links to products on


The Shade Room


Artwork was featured numerous times, including a solo feature asking the page's followers which art piece they would "cop."

AirBNB - 1.jpg



My artwork is featured in a stylish mid-century View Park pad for Issa Rae's campaign.


In 2021, my digital illustration was reposted by Anerucab television screenwriter, producer, and author Shonda Rhimes. 

The motivating art piece was later used for Target's 2023 Black History Month edition calendar under my brand, DomoINK.

Shonda Rhimes Tweet.jpg
Essence Fest.png

DomoINK was an official vendor of Essence Festival of Culture 2023 in partnership with the New Voices Foundation.

DomoINK was featured on Shop Essence Live! at Essence Festival of Culture in New Orleans. Later, the brand was featured for an online session to further promote the company.


DomoINK was a part of the "Small Businesses" market at CultureCon LA 2023.