Image by Jason Leung

in the paint.

In partnership with the Lakers, this competitive art program was instituted by a panel of three judges, who selected me to receive a grant supporting my development as an artist and a mentorship opportunity with Charly.

tv spots.


My business, Domonique was one of the featured businesses for NAACP Live!

NAACP - 3.jpg
Image by Europeana


In 2019, Instagram's @theshaderoom had a weekly feature on black artists with the hashtag #onwednesdayswepaint. My artwork was featured numerous times, including a solo feature asking the page's followers which art piece they would "cop."

Image by Fatih

instagram's @shop.

My shop, DomoINK was featured on Instagram's @shop page. The art piece featured was "Happy."



Naomi Tirronen, visual designer for Google, created a magazine series dedicated to telling the stories of emerging artists in the Los Angeles area. My artwork was featured in the first issue.

gallery and festival features.