acrylic paint & markers.

When working on paper, my go-to mediums are markers and acrylic paint to layer to create colorful portraits.


art in

Below are videos of how some of my art pieces came together. I  like to record time-lapses of the work-in-progress to share on social media. 

gallery and festival features.

artist statement.

"Creativity and imagination allow you to bend the rules of reality. And thus, art has always been my joy, and color has been the language of my soul. Utilizing bright and vivid colors, my artwork is an expression of my life’s journey and represents humans in a joyous, uplifting way. In a world filled with darkness and trauma, I wish for my art to be a source of light and positivity, creating a more colorful world that exists beyond the validity of our environment. 


What is the message that I want my art to exude? The celebration of diversity in humans, in everyday life. 


What has my artwork accomplished and continues to offer? It is to promote social justice. My art is a reflection of my experience, of growing up in a predominantly Hispanic community in California. I was often the only black person in a room, and I remember being self-conscious about it. Whether or not you are seen as different, others will make you feel it. It’s impossible not to acknowledge your difference in that type of environment, and at most times, the images of people that look like you are hard to find. 


In consideration of that, I’ve come to find the importance of seeing reflections of yourself in many aspects of your environment. In the history of art, there is such a lack of representation of black figures. In turn, black culture and individuals of that culture are the focus of my artwork. It is my mission to fill those spaces that were left untouched by diversity - from the textbooks I’ve held in school to the art section of stores I’ve visited. However, as a multi-disciplinary artisan, I do not want to be compartmentalized as simply a black artist. I do not want my work to be pegged as just black art. I strive for my artwork to represent something bigger, more diverse, and embraced by many.

- Domonique Brown