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Image is the L.A. Times' new style magazine. It is tasked with representing the style and sensibility of the city. 

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the illustration.

I was hired to illustrate a portrait of the author Rembert Browne. The article is titled "A Mysterious Sickness Has Control of My Body." The story is basically a diary of his 100 days of mysterious symptoms showed up. He cataloged them all looking for answers. ⁠

Rembert - OG.jpg

Rembert Browne ⁠



I wanted the portrait to portray the conflict going on within his mind and how it made the world around him chaotic as he struggled with his illnesss in an abstract way.

Screen Shot 2023-02-10 at 1.26.37 AM.png

art that didn't make the cut.


Day 10: I haven't had another episode, but I feel like it's always on the verge of happening. My anxiety is through the roof, especially when I'm driving and using my right leg. I might have to only be a passenger for a while.

LA Times Image - Issue 7.png
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