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STARZ is an American premium cable and satellite television network that showcases diverse perspectives through bold storytelling. It is owned by Lions Gate Entertainment and features theatrically released movies and original TV series.



As a design director, the responsibilities  include developing interactive and digital assets for brand campaigns.


content creation.

In this role, I collaborate with influencers and actors from Starz's shows to create social content to promote the network.

Photo with Gail Bean

from TV Show, P-Valley


in-person campaigns.

Raising Kanan.

Hosted at the Chelsea Factory in NYC, the event kicked off with a red carpet and a screening of the first episode of the third season of Raising Kanan.

After the screening, guests entered the after party and were welcomed by a live band playing hip-hop hits from the 90s. They were also treated to a live cypher  featuring 8 up and coming rappers, where they had to determine the winning team for the night.

Throughout the night, guests enjoyed an open bar featuring custom cocktails and light bites, as well as a photo moment inspired by the Baisley Park courts. A DJ spun the vibes and had everyone dancing until the lights came on.

Escape to Shining Vale & Lou The Goat

STARZ presented “Escape to Shining Vale”, a spine-tingling soirée Inspired by the original horror comedy series Shining Vale.


Participants entered through an asylum and into Shining Vale, where they were transported right into the Phelps’ family home on Friday the 13th at New York Comic Con.

For that event and others, "Lou The Goat" was featured as the guest. With the actors' strike active, STARZ could not use talent to promote the shows. Marketing had to go with other options. "Lou" is a character on Shining Vale for Season 2, so he was the perfect replacement to get fans hyped for the new season. 

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social static.


Social Media.

A Typo? Or, Just Good Marketing 👀


During the promotion of Raising Kanan's Season 3 premiere, a trailer was produced. However, due to a mistake, "Season 4" was mentioned instead of "3."

As an experiment, I posted it with the error to test whether comments could increase engagement.


To my pleasant surprise, it worked! Fans responded to the post in droves, pointing out the error, and getting excited for the new season making it one of STARZ's most viral posts of 2023 with over 100,000 views and close to 200 shares on TikTok alone.