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"CNBC Make It" spoke with me about how I worked remotely from home as a marketing manager but logged off every night to work on my artwork side hustle that brings up to $267,000 a year.


I spoke with Ryan Seacrest for the KIIS FM segment, "Hometown Hustler" to speak on how I juggle working full-time and running a business.

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In partnership with NowThis News, I created an illustration meant to express & amplify conversations of what it means to be Black on Juneteenth.

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"According to Brown, Black creatives have always played a role in advancing America; however, the advancement of social and digital platforms provides a much needed bridge for bringing Black creatives into spaces they were not invited to before."


My Etsy shop, ShopDomoINK, has been featured on Buzzfeed numerous times.

Products from my shop,, has been featured in numerous articles since 2020.

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"People became interested in supporting Black-owned businesses. I got propelled [to the point that] my own shop became bigger than I was expecting as a result," Brown recalls.

Domonique Brown depicts Black culture through her art, creating portraits of some of the greatest historical figures in history. Here's her take on building your craft and community as a Black creative.

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In the episode, Domonique shares:

  • How imposter syndrome almost stopped her from showing up

  • The person who encouraged her to pursue art, Thank you educators

  • Why she doesn’t plan on quitting her 9-5 anytime soon

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Multimedia Artist & TrailBlazer Domonique Brown, gives an in-depth piece on the inequalities Black artists face in the "Buy Black" movement.

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VoyageLA is a platform that highlights small businesses and creatives in the Los Angeles area.


My story and artwork were featured in November 2019.

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