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Fearless Hair


Fearless Hair sells one of the best human hair extensions in Los Angeles at affordable prices. Why not try out a gorgeous hairstyle you have always dreamed of with extensions? The weaves of today look and feel completely natural and can give you the world’s best hairstyles with no long-term commitments. If you are looking for a top piece, bang piece, moon cap, ponytail, braid or lace front, Fearless Hair provides customers those shopping choices.

Fearless Hair.png

Logo Design

The founder of Fearless Hair, Chantel, wanted a logo to represent how her hair extensions differ from others. When asked to describe what is "Fearless, she replied:

"You, so walk with your head held high and take on life with an unstoppable force, let nothing & nobody stop you. You are not ruled by Fear."

The foundation of the logo was to represent the target demographic and to highlight the "you" in her description of "Fearless." As you can see in the logo, the logo features an unidentified woman rocking "wild" hair showing she has no fear and no one can stop her. The word "Fearless" over her eyes leaves her identity mystified and leaves you with the idea that you or anyone can rock Fearless Hair since there is no 



Brand Designer





Chantel, the Owner

Using the logo as the foreground in all of her marketing, Chantel has used the power of social media to use a repetitive strategy of rapping along with an image of the hair extensions with the logo in the left-hand corner to enforce her brand into viewers' minds when they think of "hair extensions." 

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